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4 Slot Machine Myths You've Probably Heard But Shouldn't Believe

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Fri, Dec 1, 2017


Brooke Williams



We live in an Internet-connected society where information can be found with a few clicks on a keyboard. There’s only one problem. Some of that information is dubious at best and flat-out wrong at worst.

Fortunately, you have us here at Lady Luck® to clear the air! We not only work hard to share accurately referenced information, we also like to correct misconceptions that may mislead the gambling public.

That’s why we are sharing these 4 slot machine myths you’ve probably heard and believed.

Let’s clear them up!


Myth #1: Slot Machines Are Programmed to Have ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ Streaks

We’ve heard winners celebrating saying, “this machine is on a hot streak!” Or maybe you’ve felt a machine was on a ‘cold streak’ if you didn’t see a single win during the night. While there may be times that a slot seems to be paying more or less often, that’s only by chance. Slot machines are programmed so that each play is completely random. In the long run – say over the course of a day – things even out to roughly the expected payout rate.


Myth #2: Pulling the Lever Will Get You More Wins than Pushing the Spin Button

This is another false claim. As mentioned above, all bets are completely random. What using the lever will do is reduce the average amount of plays per hour, but only due to the time it takes to pull vs the time it takes to push. Suppose over an hour you can play 400 spins by pushing the button; by sticking to the lever, you might reduce your number of spins to 350.


Myth #3: A Machine that Just Paid Out Will Not Pay Out Again for a While

The payouts given by slot machines are determined by odds and probability alone. Given that these payouts are completely random, a slot machine is just as likely to give two big payouts within minutes of each other as it is likely to not give a second payout until the next day.


Myth #4: Playing with a Loyalty Card Can Reduce Your Chances of Winning

Among these 4 slot machine myths, this one is the one that may have been targeted at casinos themselves, having patrons believe that we don’t want you to get points on your player cards. The truth is, nothing influences these machines, and the software used has no way of changing its random number generation program based on the use of your card. Here at Lady Luck® we want our visitors to join our Fan Club® and get rewarded for their play!


And now that we’ve corrected these myths, you’re ready to hit the slots at our final Slot Tournament Tuesday on the 29th! Good luck from Lady Luck®! Find all the tournament information below.

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